Rental Agreement Laws in Mississippi

Rental Agreement Laws in Mississippi: Everything You Need to Know

When you`re a landlord or a tenant, knowing the rental agreement laws in Mississippi is crucial. It can save you from potential disputes and legal issues and ensure you know your rights and obligations.

Here`s a rundown of the most essential rental agreement laws in Mississippi:

1. Landlord`s Disclosure Obligations

Mississippi landlords have certain disclosure obligations before leasing a rental unit. These include:

– Disclosing any known material defects in the rental property

– Informing the tenant of any lead-based paint hazards in buildings constructed before 1978

– Providing written notice of the identity of any person authorized to act on the landlord`s behalf

2. Security Deposits

The security deposit is an amount that tenants pay upfront to ensure they will fulfill their rental obligations. In Mississippi, the landlord can ask for a maximum of two months` rent as a security deposit. The deposit must be returned within 45 days after the tenant moves out, minus any deductions for damages or unpaid rent.

3. Rent Due Dates and Notices

It is essential to establish a rent due date in the rental agreement. The landlord can choose any date of the month to set as the rent due date. However, if the tenant fails to pay rent on the due date, the landlord can provide a 3-day notice to quit.

4. Repairs and Maintenance

Landlords in Mississippi are required to ensure the property complies with housing and building codes. They must also keep the property in good repair. If the tenant causes any damages or needs repairs, they must notify the landlord in writing.

5. Eviction Process

If the tenant fails to pay rent on time or violates any of the lease terms, the landlord may start the eviction process. The landlord must provide a written notice to the tenant, stating the reason for eviction. If the tenant fails to move out within the specified timeframe, the landlord may file an eviction lawsuit in court.


Knowing the rental agreement laws in Mississippi is crucial for both landlords and tenants. It can help avoid legal disputes, ensure compliance, and protect their rights. By understanding these laws, landlords and tenants can create a fair and effective rental agreement that works for both parties. If you`re unsure about the laws and your rights, consult an attorney or a property management company to guide you.

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